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Wife turns

She jumped out of bed to get ready. Just before putting her dress on she looked at me and asked "are you going to skip today?"

A few seconds of thought around what happened yesterday and my excitement of what I do battled around my head. In the end my excitement won. I shot a load into her panties and off she went. 

That night went almost the same as the previous one except this time Cari told me how his hand didn’t stop at the top of her stockings and went all the way to her cum filled panties, and how he thought she was just wet, not that it was cum. He had also requested that they go sign the paper in two days time. I licked her off to countless orgasms that night and even fell asleep between her legs on her pussy. 

The morning of the signing arrived and Cari dressed in a even more revealing dress than the last two meetings. After shooting my load in her panties she did something a little different, she used her free hand and scooped some of my cum and pressed it into her pussy. The site almost made me cum again. She giggled and headed off to the meeting. 

Around lunch time Cari gave me a call and said that her boss had told her that she needs to come for drinks with the client after work to celebrate the signing of the contract. She also said that she would eat there and wasn’t sure when she would be home so I shouldn’t wait up for her. 

A little after 1am I woke to the sound of Cari coming into the house, it appeared that she had a little to much to drink as she was knocking a few things over. A few mins later she arrived at our bedroom door, her dress discarded somewhere in the house. She climbed into bed next to me and whispered "are you awake, I really need you"

I replied that I was and she instantly climbed onto on me and pressed her pussy to my mouth. The moment my lips touched her two thoughts came into my mind, the first was where her panties went and the second was how wet she was. I ate and ate and ate while she wriggled and moaned above me. I continued to eat to orgasm after orgasm until she collapsed half on me half on the bed and passed out. 

The next morning when I tried waking her it was quite a struggle. When she finally woke she ran to the bathroom. When she came out she asked what happened when she got home as she didn’t recall anything after leaving. I explained what happened and asked her about the panties to which she looked shocked and replied she doesn’t know. 

Needless to say she stayed home that day and stayed in bed for most of it. The rest of the day went by as normal with Cari coming out around lunch time. We shared a lovely light lunch before Cari announced that she was going shopping with a friend that afternoon.

A few days later Cari arrived home with news that we had been invited out for drinks at her friend’s house. It was her husband’s birthday and they were having a few people over to celebrate. She also explained that she had been thinking a lot recently and there was one condition of us going though. I needed to wear a pair of her panties with my cum inside. This didn’t really excite me very much but I decided to try it for her. I went upstairs to get dressed, with Cari sitting on the bed as I put her panties on and started rubbing myself in them till I shot my small load. She got up gave me a kiss and started to get done as well.

An hour later we were standing on their doorstep. Cari’s friend Jess greeted us with a smile and led us in. Standing in the hallway I took in the get together in front of me. From what I could guess there were at least 60 people around the house. 

We were guided through the mess of people to Richard, Jess’s husband. Richard was a tall muscular man, looking more like a giant when standing next to me. He shook my hand almost crushing it while thanking us for joining. I went off to get us some drinks and after a few minutes of light chat upon my return Richard moved on to some other guests while Jess and Cari disappeared into the crowd.

I wondered through the crowd chatting to a few people here and there. After about 30 minutes of random chats I went in search of Cari. After looking around I found Jess, who said she wasn’t sure where Cari is but she would keep me company until she surfaced. Jess and I spoke about several random topics over 2 drinks when Cari finally popped up next to us. She grabbed my hand and led me off to the bathroom, where she quickly led me in and closed the door.

She quickly explained how she was talking to a group of ladies and how their stories had turned her on and made her wet. Pushing me to the floor she lifted her dress, pulled aside her panties and roughly pulled my head between her legs. Without any other option I begin licking her very moist pussy, my tongue easily slipping between her more loose than normal lips. Each time I slipped my tongue inside she let out a silent orgasm which was followed by my tongue being covered with juices which slid straight along my tongue and down my throat. She tasted a bit strange tonight but I had no chance to ask her about it as she kept my head firmly between her legs. After several orgasms she seemed to not be able to take any more and released me. She looked down at me and thanked me for such an amazing night, but we should head home.

We didn’t speak much on the way home nor when we got home as Cari went straight to bed, not even bothering to undress. The next morning I woke to find myself alone in bed. Heading to the kitchen I was surprised to find Cari sitting with a cup of coffee waiting for me. She simply said we need to talk.

I sat next to her as she began to talk. My heart froze as she told me of how last night she had disappeared with Richard to his room and how she and proceeded to let him fuck her with his massive cock and fill her with his cum, how she had decided to get me to clean her after and how this is how our relationship was going to be going forward. She told me how she felt that all I could offer her was a way to clean her out properly after being fucked hard which she had really missed during our marriage and had forgot what it felt like. She finished off by saying that I had no choice in this and leaving her was not an option, this was the way things would be and that was final. Further more there would be some other changes that she would discuss with me after work.

Even though the day went by so slowly I was surprised when Cari came in early with several bags in her arms. She called me through to the lounge where she was already waiting for me on the couch. She gestured for me to sit on the floor in front of her, which at this point all I could do was obey. she reached into the first bag and pulled out a lacy black g-string and handed it to me, from the second bag she pulled out a French maid outfit and handed that to me as well. She smiled looking at me with an item in each hand. Her next words were very soft, "change for me dear"

I looked at her in shock and replied, "your kidding right"

Her smile faded as she shook her head. I continued to stare at her. "now" she said in a firm tone to which I stood and started undressing. After struggling for a bit I stood there in front of her looking ridiculous in the outfit.

"Perfect, now when at home this is what I want you to wear, there is another set in the bags as well"

I stared at her in disbelief unable to say a word. She spread her legs while sitting and told me to get to work. I knelt between her legs and for the first time reluctantly began to eat her pussy. After her third orgasm she pushed me away and instructed me to get ready as we are going out, but to keep the panties on.

When we arrived at the restaurant I was surprised to find Jess and Richard at a table waiting for us. We all said our hellos and proceeded to sit down. We ate a lovely meal and once all the plates were removed Richard asked if we would like some dessert. Cari replied we would love some and with a quick glance around she slipped under the table. I wasn’t quite sure why but Jess began talking to me about the work I do and didn’t give me a chance to ask Cari what she was doing. Several minutes later Cari came back up, leaning over she kissed me, forcing my lips apart with her tongue. The moment my lips opened a salty liquid seeped into my mouth. I tried pulling away but Cari held me there using her tongue to push the liquid into my mouth. Eventually she pulled back and told me to swallow my dessert. Sitting at a table in the middle of a restaurant I had little choice, I had to swallow. After I swallowed and the liquid was in my stomach she told me its only polite to thank Richard for my dessert. Looking down at my lap, completely humiliated, I mumbled thank you to Richard.

Cari chatted and drank with Jess and Richard for quite some time while I sat there quietly and waited for the night to end. After what seemed like an eternity we headed home. Once home Cari said that I was a very good boy today and deserve a reward. She removed my pants and through the little panties I was wearing started kissing and rubbing my small cock. She didn’t move the panties and as a result couldn’t take my cock into her mouth but rather licked it through the lace. Without much effort from her side she made me shoot my load in the panties, my cum oozing through the lace. With a finger she scooped some of it up and rubbed it across my lips telling me to suck. Reluctantly I parted my lips and began sucking my cum from her finger. With one final kiss she wished me good night and climbed into bed.

I lay tossing and turning. Contemplating what had happened the past few weeks with my imagination running wild with the horrors that were yet to come.